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This new online experience for Walker County Government launched in January. is the new home for government services, records, news, information, recreation and more.

A screenshot of the homepageHere are some of the big changes:

Joe Legge, Walker County Public Relations Director, said, “I wanted to create a storefront that was inviting and well organized. This site is one of the first places a family considering a move to Walker County or a business interested in locating here will see. It’s also becoming a primary source of information for residents to learn how their government operates.”

During this month’s winter weather event, a running tab of schedule changes was posted on the homepage, which hundreds of people viewed for updates.

Legge designed in house, saving taxpayers roughly $10,000. He’ll continue to update and expand the site as part of his job responsibilities. “In the near future, you’ll be able to apply for a marriage license and weapons carry permit online, view a countywide points of interest map and watch a new video series currently in the development stage.”

Municode, which maintains the Walker County code book, is in the process of updating the code book. In 2019, look for a searchable codes database to be added online, as well.