This page contains information relating to Walker County Government’s transition from a Sole Commissioner form of government to a Board of Commissioners and was published prior to the new Board taking office. The inaugural board was sworn-in December 30, 2020 and took office on January 1, 2021.


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The first group of board members will be elected in November 2020, following a primary in May 2020.  There will be four district commissioners and an at-large chairperson.  Along with presiding over meetings, the chairperson administers the affairs and day to day business of the county.

District 1 & 2 Commissioners will serve an initial two-year term, while the District 3 & 4 Commissioners and the Chairperson will serve four-year terms.  After 2022, all commissioner seats will become four-year terms.  This means every two years, two of the district commissioner positions will be on the ballot.

Additional information:

  • Which district are you in? Click here to view the map.
  • Read the state legislation that is changing Walker County’s form of government.
  • Walker County last changed its form of government in 1940, when it transitioned from a board to a Sole Commissioner.
  • In the event of a vacancy on the board: A special election will be called to fill the seat if 180+ days remain on the term. If less than 180 days remain on the term, the board shall appoint someone to fill the vacancy.
  • District commissioners will be paid $12,000 per year.
  • The chairperson will be paid $100,000 or $500 more than the highest paid elected county officer, whichever is greater.  The state dictates the pay of elected officials, based on position and years of service.
  • During the first board meeting in 2021, the board shall select a vice chairperson and establish a meeting schedule (time, date and place).
  • Three commissioners constitute a quorum.
  • The board shall appoint legal counsel, an independent county auditor and a clerk.
  • The board may change the ending and beginning of the county’s fiscal year. Currently, the county operates on a October 1 – September 30 fiscal calendar.
  • The board shall publish a statement of the financial condition of the county twice a year, showing data as of June 30 and December 31.