The Civic Center Campus Manager position is a management level employee who reports directly to the Chairman/CEO. This position is responsible for managing the Civic Center and other properties/facilities on the Civic Center Campus. The manager will work a Monday-Friday schedule with some weekend and holiday work as needed, and county emergencies.


  •  Manage all Civic Center Campus staff  
  •  Manage and oversee the professional appearance of the campus facilities  
  •  Make and manage all reservations for Civic Center, Pavilion, and Agricultural Center  
  •  Record keeping  
  •  Payroll tracking and submittal for Civic Center Campus employees  
  •  Manage supply inventory for all Civic Center Campus Facilities  
  •  Set up and take down for county sponsored events  
  •  Contact Person/Liaison for DFCS building and 911 Center  
  •  Able to collaborate with Emergency Management when campus is utilized as an emergency shelter
  •  Responsible for ensuring completion and/or completing all duties assigned to Civic Center Campus employees  
  •  All other duties as assigned. Duties, responsibilities and activities may change at any time with or without notice. 


  • Thorough knowledge of business, English, punctuation, spelling, and arithmetic  
  • Requires excellent verbal and written communication skills including the ability to respond in stressful situations in a calm businesslike manner
  • Able to type 35-40 WPM  
  • Ability to keep records, assemble and organize data, and prepare reports, and have excellent organizational skills and manage time effectively


  • High school diploma or GED  
  • At least 1 year of managerial experience preferred  
  • Valid driver’s license with proof of insurance  


  • Professional dress and mannerism at all times
  • Excellent written and verbal skills
  • Proficiency in keyboarding
  • Competency with web applications including Google WorkSpace and Microsoft Office
  • Able to multitask  
  • Able to lift at least 25 lbs  
  • Organizational skills 
  • Able to work without supervision
  • Time management  
  • Ability to communicate professionally and courteously with the general public  
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality at all times  
  • Ability to contribute positively as part of a team, helping with various tasks as required 
  • Able to use a computer, telephone, fax, and other general office equipment  


These physical demands are representative of the physical requirements for an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of the Civic Center Campus Manager job. Reasonable accommodation can be made to enable people with disabilities to perform the essential function of this job.  

While performing the responsibilities of the job, the employee is required to be able to lift at least 25 pounds occasionally. He/She must be able to sit in an office chair at a desk for extended periods of time. He/She must be able to stand, sit, squat, bend and reach over his/ her head. Other physical demands include but are not limited to.  

  • Walking/ climbing stairs  
  • Able to maneuver diverse terrain  
  • Lifting and carrying chairs, tables, and other furniture or equipment  
  • Bending, lifting, pushing, and pulling of furniture and equipment  
  • Climbing and balancing on equipment, step stools, and ladders  
  • Standing  
  • Hearing and speech is necessary to communicate with customers and co-workers in person and by telephone
  • Able to lift a minimum of 25 lbs  


The Civic Center Campus Manager works mostly indoors, but should understand that some duties and locations of responsibility are in outdoor areas and might have to be attended to during weather conditions that could include rain, fog, snow, and extreme cold or hot weather conditions. The Civic Center Manager should dress in a professional manner suitable for the job. The campus includes buildings and large structures that have to be traveled to as needed by way of walking outdoors.  


  • Successful development and implementation of objectives; continuous growth in service provided
  • Effective leadership
  • Appropriate and positive interaction with staff, management, volunteers, community groups and professional  associates and private citizens  
  • Accomplishment of job functions in an effective and timely manner
  • Proficiency in communication including oral, written, computer, and web based applications 
  • Effectiveness in establishing priorities, working on multiple assignments and concurrent projects
  • Exercise of sound judgment in the absence of specific guidelines
  • Demonstrated ability to thoroughly analyze problems; to meet demanding and changing deadlines in spite of interruptions
  • Budget Management
  • Compliance with established policies and procedures
  • Ability to work alone or with a team 

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