This position is responsible for assisting with the daily operation of the county landfill. The Landfill Director, or a Project Leader, assigns work in terms of general instructions and will monitor or spot-check work for compliance with procedures, accuracy, solid waste regulations, and the nature and propriety of the final results.


  • Operate various pieces of heavy equipment, as needed, including a bulldozer, wheel loader, dump truck, skid steer, compactor, tractor and bush hog, track excavator, or water truck to maintain the landfill’s infrastructure and day to day operations
  • Drive a semi-truck with trailer; Stage empty and loaded trailers on site
  • Fuel equipment and performs routine preventive maintenance, such as lubricating and changing parts 
  • Operate a lawn mower or weed trimmer, as needed, to perform grounds maintenance duties
  • Perform general labor duties, as needed, including pumping water, building silt fences, picking up wind-blown debris, and cleaning stormwater systems
  • Direct traffic to the proper waste disposal area and spot-check the contents of vehicles to help ensure no hazardous or prohibited items are disposed of at the landfill 
  • Remain up-to-date with landfill policies and complete time sensitive paperwork on time and accurately (e.g., time sheets, inspection reports, equipment maintenance forms, vacation requests, purchase orders, etc.) 
  • Communicate with customers, vendors, and sub-contractors
  • Assists in training and mentoring new employees
  • Performs other related duties as assigned


  • Knowledge of general earth-moving and construction practices.
  • Knowledge of county and departmental safety rules and regulations.
  • Knowledge of techniques for compacting trash and achieving proper slope and grade at landfill sites.
  • Familiarity with federal and state solid waste disposal rules and guidelines is helpful but not mandatory.


  • Skill in maintaining accurate records and following site policies
  • Skill in operating such heavy equipment as a track excavator, wheel loader, dozer, skid steer, tractor, and backhoe loader
  • Skill in performing basic mathematical calculations
  • Skill in interpersonal relations
  • Skill in oral and some written communication
  • Skill in checking construction for adherence to engineering plans as needed


  • The work is typically performed while sitting, standing, walking, bending, crouching, or stooping. The employee must frequently lift objects, occasionally lift heavy objects, climb ladders, and use tools or equipment requiring a high degree of dexterity.
  • The work is performed outdoors. The employee is exposed to noise, dust, dirt, grease, machinery with moving parts, irritating chemicals, foul odors, and inclement weather. The work requires the use of protective devices or personal protective equipment, such as gloves, high visibility clothing, and foot, hearing and eye protection.
  • Contacts are typically with co-workers, other county employees, state regulatory officials, inspectors, and the general public.
  • Varying weather conditions contribute to the complexity of the work. 
  • Successful performance helps ensure safe and efficient county landfill operations.


  • Ability to read, write and perform basic mathematical calculations at a level commonly associated with the completion of high school or equivalent.
  • Sufficient experience to understand the basic principles relevant to the major duties of the position, usually associated with the completion of an apprenticeship/internship or having had a similar position for one to two years.
  • Possession of or ability to readily obtain a valid driver’s license issued by the State for the type of vehicle or equipment operated.
  • Possession of or ability to readily obtain State of Georgia certification as a Certified Landfill Operator.

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