The Civic Center campus features several multi-purpose facilities and recreational grounds spread across nearly 20 acres. The campus consists of the Civic Center, Agricultural Center, Pavilion, walking trail, dog park, playground, helicopter landing pad and administrative offices for the Walker County Chamber of Commerce, Walker County Economic Development and the Northwest Georgia Joint Development Authority.

The Civic Center's main building features a large gathering space and stage, suitable for theatrical productions, conventions, musical events, baseball card shows, coin shows, and more.

The main auditorium can be used as one large room or sectioned off from the side rooms on either side of the main auditorium. (Click here for various views of how the auditorium space can be set-up)

Side rooms can be partitioned to create up to four smaller rooms to accommodate small to medium size groups or multiple breakout groups. (Click here to see multi-purpose space A & B or click here for multi-purpose space C & D)

The Civic Center building features the following amenities:

    • Catering Kitchen Facilities
    • Dish Pantry, Beverage Dispenser
    • Soup Bar, Salad Bar
    • Stage with Curtains
    • Dressing Rooms
    • PA System/Microphones
    • Overhead Projection with Drop Down Screen
    • Dance Floor

The Agricultural "Ag" Center is located behind the Civic Center.

Large Main Room / Indoor Arena - It can be used as an indoor arena, for meetings or presentations, awards ceremonies, and larger parties. Below, the local 4H Club uses it for the BB Club practices and competitions. It has a large multi-use open space. There are roll up doors to the outside covered arena. It is easily accessible to the kitchen area and other smaller meeting rooms.

Smaller Multi-purpose Rooms - There are 2 smaller multi-purpose rooms available, which can be set up as a classroom, for meetings, smaller parties, civic club meetings, etc.

The Agricultural Center also features a kitchen and outdoor covered area, which is great for animal shows.

If you are interested in renting the Agricultural Center or need additional information, please contact Sarah Kruger at 706-375-7705.

Need a covered space with tables and seating for a birthday party, company picnic or other event? Rent our pavilion. It's located behind the main Civic Center building and features ample parking, a kitchen with double gas grill and bathrooms.

This gravel trail is open at all times with exercise stations for the public's convenience, enjoyment, and use.  In order to walk a mile, a person would need to walk around the entire trail one time and then walk halfway around again.

Walking Track

The North Georgia Animal League was granted permission to use one acre of wooded land behind the Pavilion and Walking Trail on the Civic Center’s Campus as an off leash dog park for the public. This is a fenced area for everyone’s enjoyment. It opened on July 15, 2010.

Dog Park

This pad is located directly south of the Civic Center's main building. It is easily accessible with a concrete sidewalk access to the parking lot.