Animal Control is not the Animal Shelter. Animal Control responds to reports of stray animals, bite cases, aggressive animals, etc. The Animal Shelter is where animals are housed and cared for until reclaimed by their owners, adopted or rescued.

Animal Control
706-375-2100, Press 1 (Animal Control Dispatch – Monday-Friday – 8:00am to 5:00pm)
423-280-4147 (After hours/weekends – DOG BITE & AGGRESSIVE ANIMALS ONLY)

Animal Control Officers
Stanley Stiles
Mike Patterson

During regular business hours (8:00am-5:00pm) please call 706-375-2100 and Press 1 to request an Animal Control Officer be dispatched. After hours, Animal Control will ONLY respond on bite cases and aggressive animal cases. From 5:00pm to 8:00am, call the non-emergency number at 423-280-4147. Please do NOT call 911 and tie up vital emergency lines with stray calls. Your friends and neighbors depend on these lines being available for medical and emergency situations.

Wild Animals
If you encounter a wild animal, like a raccoon or coyote, consult the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Resources Division’s nuisance animal guide.  DNR can also put you in contact with a licensed nuisance trapper to remove an animal or provide you with a permit to do this yourself.

  • Justin Young with Eco Trappers – 706-764-6589 (cell) – based in Walker County
  • Jody Millard Pest Control – 423-877-0111 (office) or 423-322-8590 (cell) – based in Chattanooga
  • North Georgia Nuisance Animal Control – 706-676-8271 (office) or 706-331-1450 (cell) – based in Chattooga County
  • DJ’s Wildlife Removal – 706-978-6020 (cell) – based in Chattooga County


When reporting abuse or neglect, be prepared to give your name, address, phone number and the address where the animal in question is housed. It may be scary to give your name, but by law, the Animal Control Officer cannot respond to anonymous calls. They must have documentation from an eyewitness. The ACO is not able to answer questions in court like “How long has this animal been observed in this condition?” Also, the ACO may have questions or need to verify some information. ACO needs your support to be effective in helping abused and neglected animals


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