Municode maintains the Walker County code book, which provides searchable access. We are in the process of digitizing and uploading that information, so please be patient until that information comes online. Until then, you can review a limited number of frequently requested codes in pdf format here. All documents open in a new tab/window.


  • O-01-20 – Amendment to Chapter 6 in the County Code of Ordinances Regulating the Possession, Sale & Distribution of Alcoholic Beverages (Approved 2/13/20)


  • O-01-19 – Blighted & Derelict Property Ordinance, aka “Clean & Lien” (approved 3/14/19)
  • O-02-19 – Construction of Roads for County Maintenance (approved 3/14/19)
  • O-03-19 – Hotel/Motel Tax Ordinance of 2019 (approved 3/28/19)
  • O-04-19 – Walker County Business Code (approved 3/28/19)
  • O-05-19 – Amendment to the Public Health Facilities and Services District
  • O-06-19 – The draft Ordinance that proposed an Enhanced Services Special Tax District, known as the Wilson Road Neighborhood District, has been withdrawn at the request of community leaders.  There will NOT be a public hearing on August 8 & 22 as advertised.




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