How Walker Works – Tax Commissioner

The Tax Commissioner’s office serves as a collection point for tax payments on land, homes, mobile homes and personal property, like a motor vehicle or boat.

This office does not determine the value of the property being taxed… or the tax rate.  Those duties are handled by other entities.

Property tax bills are mailed in October and must be paid by December 20th to avoid late fees. Tax bills on mobile homes are issued in February and are due by April 1st. The deadline used to be May 1st, but was recently changed by the state.

For those in need, payment options are available.  Carolyn Walker, Tax Commissioner, said “They are explained to that there is interest and penalties still added if they don’t pay it off within a certain time. But then we let them pay monthly, bi-monthly, even weekly if they choose.”

Property owners have the potential to lower their tax burden by applying for an exemption. There are 16 kinds of exemptions available, many kick in based on age and income.  “All exemptions require that you apply for them, because deeds do not show birth dates,” added Walker.

The Tax Commissioner’s office also handles vehicle registrations and renewals, and offers two locations to serve you: 122 Highway 95 in Rock Spring and 2012 McFarland Gap Road in Rossville.

  • Renew your vehicle registration online through the Georgia DRIVES website.

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