Walker County Tax Commissioner Offices to Close for State Mandated System Upgrade

Rock Spring, GA – The Walker County Tax Commissioner offices in Rock Spring and Rossville will close to the public at Noon on Thursday, May 23rd and not reopen until 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday, May 28th.  The closure is necessary to install Georgia DRIVES, a new state-mandated vehicle registration and titling system.

Every resident with a birthday in late May and early June should process their vehicle transactions on or before May 20th to avoid any issues, as some vehicle services will be reduced after that date in preparation for the system upgrade.

“Every employee in our office has been working diligently to learn this new system,” said Carolyn Walker, Tax Commissioner.  “We won’t be as fast as we have been with the old system for a while, until we have everything committed to memory. We appreciate your support and patience during this transition.”

This system upgrade will impact all local tag offices in Georgia, not just Walker County.  Statewide, all county tag offices will be unable to process vehicle transactions during the upgrade.

Georgia DRIVES will modernize the data input system for tags and titles, provide agencies with interconnectivity and improve the customer experience by expanding the ability for mobile, Internet and kiosk transactions.

Additional information about Georgia DRIVES can be found online at georgiadrives.com.


How Walker Works – Tax Commissioner


The Tax Commissioner’s office serves as a collection point for tax payments on land, homes, mobile homes and personal property, like a motor vehicle or boat.

This office does not determine the value of the property being taxed… or the tax rate.  Those duties are handled by other entities.

Property tax bills are mailed in October and must be paid by December 20th to avoid late fees. Tax bills on mobile homes are issued in February and are due by April 1st. The deadline used to be May 1st, but was recently changed by the state.

For those in need, payment options are available.  Carolyn Walker, Tax Commissioner, said “They are explained to that there is interest and penalties still added if they don’t pay it off within a certain time. But then we let them pay monthly, bi-monthly, even weekly if they choose.”

Property owners have the potential to lower their tax burden by applying for an exemption. There are 16 kinds of exemptions available, many kick in based on age and income.  “All exemptions require that you apply for them, because deeds do not show birth dates,” added Walker.

The Tax Commissioner’s office also handles vehicle registrations and renewals, and offers two locations to serve you: 122 Highway 95 in Rock Spring and 2012 McFarland Gap Road in Rossville.

Walker County Marks Wildlife Day with an Eagle, an Owl and a Snake, Oh My!

People looking at wildlife

Rock Spring, GA – Don’t be alarmed if you hear some wild noises coming from the Walker County Tax Commissioner’s Office this week.

Walker County placed second among Georgia counties in a recent competition to promote the sale of state wildlife tags. Walker County posted a 62% increase in sales during the contest period. Jennifer Wisniewski with Georgia’s Department of Natural Resources says the additional sales translate into almost $2,000 in direct support of wildlife.

Walker County will celebrate the accomplishment by hosting Wildlife Day from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm on Thursday, April 6th in the lobby of the Walker County Local Government Services building, located at 122 Highway 95 in Rock Spring.

Some of the animals featured include a bald eagle, gopher tortoise, indigo snake, owl and a hawk. Parents are encouraged to bring their children by the office so they can see the animals up close in a safe environment.

Wildlife tags are the least expensive specialty plates available in Georgia. The upgrade costs $25 and 80% of that fee goes directly to the Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Resources Division. The department supports the Georgia Wildlife Conservation Fund, the Bobwhite Quail Initiative and Georgia’s trout conservation and management programs.