List of Roads with Water Concerns (12/28/18)

Last updated 1:15 p.m.

  • REO Road: 100-300 block has standing water in the road. Road is passable
  • REO Road: about halfway between 201 and 136 has water over the road. It is still passable
  • Smith Gap Road: about 1/4 mile from W. Armuchee has standing water approximately 18″ deep and is impassible
  • 7900 block of West Cove Road – down to one lane


Updated 10:15 a.m.

Currently there are no roads that are impassable, but many do have standing water and may become flooded over time. Use extreme caution when traveling in these areas.
  • Allgood Road at Mtn. View Circle – Standing water
  • Chattanooga Valley Road at the south entrance to East Avenue – Standing water
  • Luwanna Drive – 2-3 inches of water across the roadway
  • 100 Blk of Lytle Road to West Garden Farm – Standing water
  • Lytle Road at Younes Drive (Hwy 27 underpass) – Standing water
  • Lytle Road between the railroad crossings – Standing water
  • Lytle Road at North Long Hollow Road – Standing water
  • Osburn Road at Gassett Drive – Standing water
  • 780 Bell Road – Standing water
  • 825 Guy Williams Road – Standing water
  • 576 W Reed Road – Standing water
  • Old Dollar General at Kay Conley Road – Standing water
  • 2292 Kay Conley Road – Standing water
  • 1000 Roy Bird Road – Standing water
  • Mission Ridge Road at Food City – One lane is flooded
  • N Hwy 341 at Station 5 – Both lanes are flooded but are still passable
  • N Hwy 341 north of Station 5 – both lanes are flooded but are still passable
  • Old Lafayette Road at Farming Rock – One lane flooded with one lane passable
  • 1156 Bronco Road – Standing water
  • 1681 Bronco Road – One lane flooded with one lane passable
  • Agnew Road at Hammond Mill Road – Standing water
  • 8300 Blk of W Hwy 337 – Standing water in one lane
  • E Broomtown Road at Martindale Road – Standing water in one lane
  • Ridgeway Road at Walnut Grove Road – Standing water
  • 1400 Blk to 1700 Blk of W Cove Road – Standing water
  • Lake Ridge Road – Standing water
  • Andrews Lane – Standing water
  • 500 Blk to 200 Blk of Hog Jowl Road – Standing water
  • Boss Road – Standing water
  • Twin Lakes Road – Standing water

Walker County Hosts Storm Spotter Training on May 1st

LaFayette, GA – Walker County wants to grow the number of storm spotters in north Georgia.  The county’s Emergency Management Agency will join forces with its counterpart in Dade County and the National Weather Service (NWS) to host a free SKYWARN Storm Spotter training class on May 1st.

The class is open to anyone in the public with an interest in weather. Amateur radio operators, boaters, public utility workers and police, fire and EMS personnel are also encouraged to attend.

Training topics include basic radar interpretation, identifying storm features and how to report storm information.  These and other skills help ensure the community receives timely and accurate severe weather announcements.

The NWS recently recognized Walker County as a StormReady County, acknowledging local efforts to reach a high level of severe weather preparedness.  A strong base of volunteer storm spotters provides forecasters with an important tool used to fill in gaps undetected by technology.

SKYWARN training will take place at the Walker County Civic Center, located at 10052 Highway 27 in Rock Spring at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, May 1st.  Since this event is open to the public, registration is not necessary.

Walker County Earns StormReady Designation

The National Weather Service (NWS) has recognized Walker County as a StormReady County, acknowledging local efforts to reach a high level of severe weather preparedness.

In order to earn the StormReady designation, Walker County had to meet certain criteria established by the NWS, state and local emergency management officials.  An Emergency Operations Center, the ability to monitor local weather and river conditions, having multiple ways to alert the public, and trained storm spotters were among the standards required.

The StormReady label provides an expectation that warnings issued by the NWS will be communicated by local emergency management to the public, giving people a chance to respond.

One of the resources Walker County uses to alert the public about severe weather is the Hyper Reach Community Alert System.  Those who subscribe can choose to receive weather alerts by phone call, text message or email. Residents are encouraged to take advantage of this free service by signing up at or by calling 706-638-1437 and ask to be added to the list.

Walker County plans to continue to grow its base of storm spotters.  The county will host a course on what to look for to provide the community with timely and accurate severe weather reports.  Volunteers interested in becoming storm spotters or who need additional training should mark May 1st on their calendar. Additional details, such as a location and time for the course, will be announced in later this month.

Get Weather Alerts Directly from Walker County

LaFayette, GA – The threat of severe storms remains a possibility this time of year, as we transition from winter to spring.  Since the conditions outside can change quickly, Walker County provides a phone and email notification system to the public.

Hyper-Reach sends out weather and community alerts to those who subscribe to this free service.  Many residents signed up for Hyper-Reach last summer, prior to a system wide test on August 1st.

If you are interested in receiving weather and community alerts, register online or call the the Walker County Commissioner’s Office at 706-638-1437 and ask to be added to the Hyper-Reach list.