Latest “Retire Your Tires” Amnesty Day Achieves Record Turnout

Tires, trucks and people

Chickamauga, GA – Before the gates even opened last Saturday, the crew working Walker County’s latest Retire Your Tires Amnesty Day knew the event would be bustling.  Vehicles were lined up and down Marble Top Road waiting to get in to the Walker County Landfill to dispose of tires for free.  “We actually opened early because people began arriving around 7:00 a.m.  It was a tremendous turnout,” said Paine Gily, Landfill Director.

Throughout the day, 629 residents brought loads of tires to the landfill, many coming from Rossville, Chickamauga and LaFayette.

After the last vehicle departed, Gily made a final count and discovered the landfill had collected 8,933.  The final tally set a record and topped last year’s event by 2,192 tires.  “This tire amnesty day was a great example of the community coming together for the environmental and health benefits of the county,” said Gily

Properly disposing of scrap tires helps eliminate mosquito breeding sites. The wet spring has provided mosquitoes with plenty of locations to lay their eggs. A female mosquito only needs an inch of standing water to lay a batch of over 100 eggs.

Community partners, including Rossville Public Works, Wilson Road Neighborhood Group, Chattanooga Valley Lions Club and Boy Scout Troop 316, made the event more inclusive to all members of the public by providing pick up services to the elderly, disabled and out of town military.

Walker County began offering a tire amnesty day in 2017.  Over the course of three events, 21,217 tires have been removed from the community and sent to a recycling center to be turned into industrial fuel or rubber mulch for landscaping and playgrounds.  Due to demand, a second tire amnesty day will be offered in late fall.

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