Gear up! The “Walker Rocks” Pop-up Shop is now open

Walker Rocks logo

Rock Spring, GA – It may be the toughest shirt to find in Walker County.  Since launching in June 2018, the amount of clothing that featured the Walker Rocks logo has been extremely limited.  You may have seen a charcoal colored T-shirt here or there featuring the local symbol of outdoor recreation, but the quantity and variety were scarce.

That all changes today with the launch of the Walker Rocks Pop-up Shop, now available online for a limited time.  Simply visit and enter sale code WCROCKS19 to enter the store.

The Walker Rocks Pop-up Shop features short and long sleeve tees, dry fit shirts, a baseball raglan, sweatshirts, hoodies, hats, a blanket and cinch pack.  All items are available in multiple colors including pink, blue, green and yellow in some cases.  Youth and adult size options are also available.

There is a flat $9.99 shipping fee charged per order, or you can avoid the shipping charge by choosing to pick up your gear at the Walker County Chamber of Commerce office in Rock Spring in mid-December.

The Walker Rock Pop-up Shop closes on Friday, November 22nd.

Walker Rocks Merch

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