Walker County Board of Commissioners Approve Millage Rate Lower Than Originally Proposed

The board of commissioners meet to discuss business

LaFayette, GA (September 2, 2022) – The Walker County Board of Commissioners adopted a millage rate for 2022 below what was originally proposed. Citing a desire to hold firm on taxes, the board unanimously approved a property tax rate that will be the lowest since 2013.

The new millage rate of 6.8283 mills in the unincorporated area represents a 17.86% reduction over 2021 when the rate was 8.313 mills. In addition, the new rate of 9.9213 mills in the incorporated areas represents a 17.06% decrease compared to 11.963 mills last year.

“We need to be sensitive when we set a millage rate,” said District 4 Commissioner Robert Stultz. “$30 could mean a water bill or a tank of gas.” Board members said young families and the elderly are stressed by higher property assessments, increases in the school tax, higher fuel prices and runaway inflation.

Due to the state’s complex formula used to compute millage based on the value added from reassessments, the new rate will actually generate $89 less in property tax revenue for county government operations. The revenue reduction will necessitate revisions to the FY2023 proposed budget, which will be voted on by the board on September 22.

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