Walker County Celebrates National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week

As part of National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week, our team took time out to recognize the heroes who work tirelessly each day behind the scenes in Walker County.

The Teamwork Award was bestowed to all of our E-911 dispatchers for their exceptional work. This team includes Rebecca Pope, Meagan Henderson, Catessa Blansit, Lisa Pless, Holly Weber, Samantha Rowland, Christina Hicks, Rhonda Knox, Alyssa Steele and Renee Belvin. 

Christina Hicks was presented with the Theresa Parker Dispatcher of the Year Award. She has been a part of the E-911 Center for nearly 26 years. Hicks worked alongside Parker, which made this award very personal to her. Despite a number of obstacles over the past year, Hicks maintained an impeccable performance level, which her peers recognized. She received the award based on the votes from her co-workers. Hicks says she became a dispatcher because she wanted to follow in her fathers footsteps, as his career was in law enforcement.

Hicks also received the Above and Beyond Award, along with Cateesa Blansit. Samantha Rowland and Renee Belvin received the Life Saving Commendation award for teaching a citizen how to administer CPR over the phone to help save a life. Additionally, Holly Weber was recognized with the Stork Award.

We thank this team of heroes for their service and the role they playin keeping our community safe!

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