Pettyjohn’s Cave is located on the east side of Pigeon Mountain. It contains 6.5 miles of underground trails within Pigeon Mountain and has been measured at a length of 31,490 feet long.

The cave reaches a depth of 235 feet and contains many rooms, including the Echo Room. The get to the Echo Room, one must crawl through the Worm Tube, a 150 foot passageway that forces cavers to crawl on their hands and knees. The Worm Tube is one of the most popular features of the cave.

The Bridge Room is another area of interest in Pettyjohn’s Cave. The Bridge Room allows visitors to hang their feet over an edge and listen to the stream over 80 feet below. Pettyjohn’s cave is an exciting opportunity for recreation in Walker County.

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Google Map: Pettyjohn’s Cave

GPS Coordinates: 
34° 39′ 53.74″ N85° 21′ 49.4″ W

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