Final Walker RocksRocktown
Rocktown, located within the Crockford-Pigeon Mountain Wildlife Management Area, is a popular location for rock climbers in the Appalachian Plateau region. It is comprised of several acres of rock, formed from years of geological activity and natural development. These changes in the earth created a unique opportunity for rock climbing and bouldering for beginners and experts alike.

Most of the rocks are between 30 and 40 feet high with both hand and foot holds. A Georgia Outdoor Recreation Pass (GORP) is required for this area and can be purchased here.

Google Map: Rocktown 

GPS Coordinates: 34°40’07.7″N,  85°23’16.4″W

To have a good time and stay safe while rock climbing, proper equipment and training are a necessity. Here are some resources to help with both:

Southeast Climbers Coalition Rocktown Info

Rock Climbing Safety Tips

Rock/Creek Rocktown Info

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