Walker County, as well as all communities in Georgia that have implemented Planning & Zoning, are governed by state law as to procedures that are required to be followed. Visit the Georgia Department of Community Affairs website to see more details about these state requirements.

Walker County has 10 zoning districts. These include:

  1. A1 – Agricultural
  2. R1 – Residential (single family only)
  3. R2 – Residential (multi-family and single family)
  4. R3 – Residential (multi-family, single family and manufactured home parks)
  5. RA – Residential/Agricultural
  6. C1 – General Commercial
  7. CN – Neighborhood Commercial
  8. I – Industrial
  9. PUD –  Planned Unit Development
  10. CBOD – Chickamauga Battlefield Corridor Overlay District

Zoning – Allowable Uses: There are uses that are allowed in each zoning district, please view the ordinances or contact the Planning Department if you have any questions.

Walker County Land Development Regulations:

The Planning Department is the custodian of the official zoning maps, which are kept in paper and digital form. Maps viewed on the Property Assessor’s site are for demonstration only and are not legal documents.

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