Walker County to Target Codes Enforcement in Zones

Backyard rubbish

Rossville, GA – Walker County Codes Enforcement Officers will begin a targeted campaign this month to address out of compliance properties and make the public more aware of several commonly violated codes.

Over the first three months of 2017, Codes Enforcement Officers have investigated 114 cases, an increase of 128% over the same period last year. 79% of these cases deal with junk, junk cars, household garbage and dilapidated structures.

The northwest end of Walker County will be the first zone to be addressed. Zone 1 covers the area between Old Chattanooga Valley Road and McFarland Avenue, from the state line south to Highway 2. Codes Enforcement Officers have already opened cases in Zone 1, based on calls received from residents.

After making initial contact, a Codes Enforcement Officer will give a resident who is out of compliance 30 days to show progress addressing an area of concern. During a follow-up visit, if no corrective action has taken place, the resident may face a fine.