Faith-based Service Group Joins Mission to Clean Up Walker County

P52 Volunteers Perform Clean-up Work

Rossville, GA – Hundreds of students from a nearby state will have the ultimate story to tell when they’re asked how they spent their summer. They’re joining forces with P52, a local faith-based service organization, on a mission to improve the lives of Walker County residents.

Students will arrive in several waves to tackle projects like painting, cutting grass and disposing of garbage and junk. Chris Robinson, Director and Founder of P52, coordinated with Walker County Codes Enforcement to identify residents in need of a helping hand to comply with local property standards.

Robinson said, “This provides a conduit where we can build relationships with both believers and unbelievers as we serve them. As a local pastor, I’ve participated in overseas mission trips, but mission is right here in our backyard.”

In April, Walker County refocused efforts to bring property up to code throughout the county. Codes Enforcement Officers found 219 violations in April and 318 in May, a 974% increase over the same two month period a year ago. Codes Enforcement Director David Brown said, “We’re taking an open-minded approach to get everyone on the same page. We understand some people didn’t know these rules existed, even though they’ve been on the books for years. If they can show us they’re willing to make progress, we’re willing to hold off on issuing fines.”

In August, P52 will also coordinate with Covenant College and Walker County on a day of service for incoming freshman. P52 got its name from Isaiah 52:7, as a way to glorify God through service.

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