Work Begins to Address Aging Infrastructure & Stormwater Infiltration in Walker County

Sewer work

Flintstone, GA – Advancements in sewer pipe technology will be used to rehabilitate aging infrastructure in the Chattanooga Valley area of Walker County. The Walker County Water & Sewerage Authority (WCWSA) has contracted with Insituform, an Aegion Company, to combat millions of gallons of stormwater infiltrating its system.

The $297,000 project will renew and extend the life of 11,000 feet of sewer line, using a cured in place pipe (CIPP) system. Crews will pull a resin-saturated, coated tube through damaged pipe and heat it to form a tight-fitting replacement pipe. The process, which is similar to turning a sock inside out, is designed to extend the life span of the pipe by 50 years.

“This is amazing technology and will only take a few days to complete each section, versus digging up the roads, which would cost over $100 per foot and take months to complete. The new WCWSA Board that started in January has some major hurdles to overcome with the large amounts of stormwater infiltration that has been neglected for years,” stated Shannon Whitfield, WCWSA Board Chairman. “103 million gallons of stormwater flowed into our sewer system in April. We are moving quickly and making a smart investment using this technology to solve these infiltration problems.”

This project will take just a matter of weeks to complete and will significantly reduce the inconvenience to homeowners caused by a traditional repair. Although crews may need to place large equipment in residential driveways, work will be done at the street level, so they won’t be forced to dig up yards.

Crews will begin work by cleaning lines and then return in a couple of days to reconstruct the sewer pipe using the CIPP system. Brandon Whitley, WCWSA Interim General Manager, will oversee the process, just days after being promoted to his new role.

Homeowners and motorists should be advised that work will take place in the following areas:

Chattanooga Valley Road 

Rock Creek Road

Grant Drive

Bluffview Circle

Allgood Road

Eagle Shadow

Japonica Street

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