Whitfield Hand Delivers Checks to Pay Off Two Loans Early

Commissioner Whitfield with Henry Gilbert from Bank of LaFayette and Elijah Parker from First Volunteer Bank

LaFayette, GA – Walker County’s financial status continues to show significant improvement.  For the second year in a row, Sole Commissioner Shannon Whitfield repaid two Tax Anticipation Notes (TAN) well before an end of year deadline.

In August, the Bank of LaFayette and First Volunteer Bank agreed to loan Walker County up to $6 million, or $3 million each, to help fully fund government operations until budgeted revenue for FY 2019 started being received.

Today, Whitfield hand delivered checks to both banks to pay off the loans.  Walker County needed only $500,000 from each financial institution to cover expenses, due in part to improved efficiencies at county departments, leaner operations and the passage of a balanced budget in September.

The two TANs cost the county $8,062.10 in fees and interest this year.  In 2017, when Walker County needed up to $8 million in short term loans to meet obligations, fees and interest added up to $135,133.69.

“I know paying off debt may not be the most glamorous topic of conversation.  But getting our financial house in order and restoring Walker County’s reputation remain among my top priorities,” said Whitfield.

“When I took office on January 1, 2017, Walker County’s inherited debt was $70 million. As of today, we’ve reduced our debt by 29% to $50 million,” Whitfield added.  “We wouldn’t be able to reach this achievement without the support of all of our team members and elected officials.”