How Walker Works – Clean & Lien

Walker County’s new “Blighted & Derelict Property” Ordinance, also known as the clean and lien initiative, aims to remove old buildings that are falling down and pose a hazard to society.

Here’s how it works: After a code enforcement official investigates and identifies a structure as a public nuisance, a formal complaint will be filed in Magistrate Court.  The property owner will then be notified and given an opportunity to answer the complaint.  If the judge moves forward with the case, the property owner will be given an opportunity to come into compliance on their own or demolish the structure on their own.  If the owner fails to comply with the court order to repair or demolish the building, the court can grant the county authority to tear it down and place a lien on the property for the expense.

The county plans to tackle 12 abandoned properties at a time. The following properties have been targeted for 2019:

  1. 25 Park Drive
  2. 44 Keller
  3. 78 Keller
  4. 350 Devine Street
  5. 624 James Street
  6. 47 Rogers Road
  7. Mission Ridge (Parcel 0108014)
  8. 17 Cleveland Road
  9. 217 Up Our Way
  10. 5098 Highway 337
  11. 15 Davis Circle
  12. 1101 Salem Road

*Blighted structure at 7085 Highway 136 West was taken care of by the property owner prior to court action.

Below is a list of contractors that are available for demolition of blighted property.  This list is in no way affiliated or endorsed by Walker County Government.  It is just available as a courtesy to the public.

Dennis Bay – 423-413-5797
Henry Blakemore – 423-593-9562
David Carlock – 423-595-2480
Thomas Smith – 423-593-5551
Daniel Vaughn – 423-443-9730
Tyler Yarbrough – 423-362-2033

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