We’re thankful for P52 in Walker County

P52 truck, dumpster & trash

Rock Spring, GA – When Walker County refocused efforts to bring property up to code in 2017, county officials knew there would be some residents unable to comply, due to physical or financial difficulties.

Code Enforcement reached out to Project 52 (P52), which led to an amazing partnership to clean-up and beautify property.  If a code enforcement officer encounters someone in need of assistance with trash, debris and overgrowth, the county refers them to P52.  The non-profit organization sits down with the resident and reviews their circumstances, before deciding if they can help.

P52 has performed an amazing service in our community over the past three years.  1,834 volunteers have donated their time to help clean-up 76 properties in Walker County.  Volunteers have removed a total of 176 tons (352,000 pounds) of debris at a cost of $20,620.

P52 by the numbers

2019 2018 2017 Totals
Properties 27 24 25 76
Volunteers 516 687 631 1,834
Tons of debris 62.82 54.62 58.56 176
Cost of removal $7,053 $7,941 $5,626 $20,620


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