Travel Reduced To One Lane Along Section of Nickajack Road

Image of road cracking

Lookout Mountain, GA – Travel along a section of Nickajack Road has been temporarily reduced to one lane. Land near a curve in the road recently shifted and needs to be stabilized so that it doesn’t impact the integrity of the road.

A portable red light system has been installed to keep traffic moving up and down Lookout Mountain until work can be completed. A timetable for the project, which is about two-miles up the road from Highway 193, has not yet been determined.

Walker County and the State of Georgia have invested nearly two-million dollars over the past two years making safety enhancements to Nickajack Road. Improvements include a complete resurfacing of the road, along with the installation of a high friction surface treatment to improve traction. Reflective thermoplastic striping, center line reflectors, rumble strips and signage have also been added.

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