Walker County to Reopen Fairview Fire Station as 24/7/365 Operation on August 20th

Outside of fire station

Rossville, GA – Walker County Commissioner Shannon Whitfield announced the next phase to enhance public safety and fire protection in the county today. Whitfield unveiled plans to reopen Station 7 in the Fairview community as a 24/7/365 operation.

“We have had a need for an additional fire station in northern Walker County for a long time,” said Whitfield. “Adding career firefighters at the Fairview station will help improve response times, while addressing an increased demand for services in our most populated communities.”

Last year, there were 1,025 calls for service in the Fairview district. Firefighters at Station 2 in nearby Flintstone currently handle calls in Fairview, in addition to the Flintstone district.

“The staffing of Station 7 is a positive step forward toward maintaining the county’s ISO Public Protection Classification of a 3/3Y, which helps residents and businesses secure low insurance premiums,” said Fire Chief Blake Hodge. “Along with improving response times in northern Walker County, this creates the potential for automatic aid agreements with the city of Rossville and Catoosa County, since Station 7 is close to both areas.”

Station 7 will be Walker County’s seventh fire station to be staffed 24/7/365 by full-time firefighters and will include a Quick Response Vehicle (QRV) to respond to medical calls. Station 7 was currently a volunteer station, but was not being served by any volunteers.

Walker County realigned public safety resources in 2017 to enhance services in Flintstone, Villanow, Cane Creek and Kensington. The county also maintains eleven volunteer fire stations.

In order to staff Station 7 and fill a number of open positions, Walker County Fire Rescue will hold a recruitment class in June. Applications are currently being accepted on the county’s website at walkercountyga.gov/jobs.

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  1. Volunteers would still operate out of that station they’re straight guidelines on training when you work in I have families it’s hard to make every
    Monday night and way it is now it’s like if you missed 3 or more or they boot you out shrimp quesadilla PA friends with the the page staff the page tab boat you out is crazy I would love to be back down there at 7 been a lot of time had a lot of good times there. Me and a few other lawnchair firefighter spend a lot of time and effort we loved our station let’s be back down there I even though I’m on I’m disabled now but still alive to hang out fix things that need to be fixed but that’s up to the new chief.

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