CHI Memorial Now Provides Ambulance Service in Walker County

Photo of CHI Memorial ambulance

(CHI Memorial contributed to this post)

CHI Memorial EMS started providing ambulance service – including emergency and non-emergency transport – to Walker County on February 1, 2021. During the first day of service, CHI Memorial responded to 18 calls that resulted in 15 transports.

Under the four-year agreement, ambulances will be strategically located throughout Walker County to ensure optimal response times outlined by the county, an important factor in efficiently covering a large service area. To keep up with Walker County’s growing call volume for ambulance services, CHI Memorial’s contract includes increasing the number of ambulances available for 24-hour on-call availability from four to five and adding additional manpower to manage the service. A 24-hour supervisor, who will be responsible for managing day-to-day operations, will be stationed at the Walker County Fire Station in Rock Spring.

CHI Memorial EMS has more than 32 years of experience in medical service delivery, including 911 experience, as well as operating primary care and convenient care clinics in the area. CHI Memorial Hospital Georgia provides inpatient and emergency care, laboratory, radiology, pharmacy, and outpatient treatments along with medical and surgical services. Taking on this role as EMS provider is another example of CHI Memorial’s commitment to delivering comprehensive healthcare services to the North Georgia area.

“CHI Memorial leadership was very clear that supporting critical ambulance services would be a great opportunity for us to grow CHI Memorial’s reach and presence in the North Georgia area. Our integrated services means we’re positioned to act quickly during medical emergencies, which is a benefit for people who live in more rural parts of the counties,” says Paul Feaster, director of CHI Memorial EMS. “Being stationed throughout these communities helps ensure safe and responsive ambulance service as well as providing vital support for other first responders and community members in need.”

“Pre-hospital service is something we take very seriously and can be the difference in life and death for many of our sickest patients,” says Feaster. “It’s an honor for us to serve this community, and we’re very excited to make a difference in any way we can.”

For more information about CHI Memorial EMS, call 423-495-4444.

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