P52’s Passion for Service Shines in Walker County

Members of P52 cleaning up

Rock Spring, GA – A partnership between Walker County Government and Project 52 (P52) continues to produce positive outcomes for the county, the non-profit organization and the residents being served.

In 2017, Walker County refocused efforts to enforce existing property maintenance codes. Code Enforcement officers found 1,469 violations dealing with things like trash, debris and overgrowth. Some of those infractions occurred at property owned by residents unable to comply due to physical or financial difficulties.

Walker County code enforcement officers reached out to P52, which led to an amazing partnership to clean-up and beautify property.  If a code enforcement officer encounters someone in need of assistance, the county refers them to P52.  The non-profit organization sits down with the resident and reviews their circumstances, before deciding if they can help.

Despite the pandemic, P52 continued to serve in 2020. Volunteers worked in smaller groups to help 12 Walker County residents bring their property up to code.

Over the past four years, more than 2,000 volunteers have donated their time to help clean-up 88 properties in Walker County. These volunteers have removed more than 225 tons (451,940 pounds) of debris. While there is no cost to residents for the help provided by P52, the disposal of all the materials removed is valued at $25,868.

P52 by the numbers

2020 2019 2018 2017 Totals
Properties 12 27 24 25 88
Volunteers 210 516 687 631 2,044
Tons of debris 49.97 62.82 54.62 58.56 225.97
Cost of removal $5,248 $7,053 $7,941 $5,626 $25,868

P52 is always looking for volunteers. If you would like to serve, send them a message through Facebook or call 423.598.0915.

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