Walker County Firefighters Recognized for Training Operations in the Republic of Georgia

A man from the Georgia National Guard presents an award to four firefighters

Members of the Walker County Fire Rescue Cave & Cliff Rescue Team traveled to the Republic of Georgia last summer to work with firefighters overseas. They provided training in technical rescue, which involves rope work and rescuing patients in tough, rocky terrain.

Major General Thomas Carden, Georgia Adjutant General, Georgia Army National Guard, presented the team with a token of appreciation and explained why it matters to have relationships like this with foreign countries. “When we engage with our partners abroad, the chance of us ever engaging with them in direct conflict go way down.”

Assistant Chief James Yearout, Assistant Chief Eric Asburn and Rescue Specialist Robert Anderson taught the nine-day course in technical rescue. A fourth representative from Walker County, Assistant Chief Benny Plott, joined the group near the end of their tour of service to help with testing and evaluation of their Georgian counterparts.

Walker County was selected because of our team’s expertise in performing rescues in tough terrains, like caves and cliffs. The training coalition, from the state of Georgia, featured other departments, like Marietta, which tought swift water rescue.

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