Board Begins Discussion on Liquor Stores Following Voter Approval

Proposed changes to Walker County’s alcohol ordinance may soon result in the first liquor store being opened in the county. 67% of voters approved granting the county government the authority to issue licenses for retail package sales of distilled spirits during a referendum last November.

Before the county can issue licenses, it must first establish rules and regulations for license holders. The Board of Commissioners will soon debate how many licenses to allow, the minimum size for each licensed store, where stores can be located, and hours of operation among other criteria.

In addition to establishing rules for liquor stores, the Board will consider a few other modifications to the county’s alcohol ordinance. The proposed changes include licensing in room service at hotels and adding language to expand manufacturing possibilities in the county.

Public hearings on the ordinance changes will be held on July 27 and August 10 at the start of the Board’s regularly scheduled meetings, which are held at 7:00 p.m. at Courthouse Annex III, 201 S. Main Street in LaFayette. 

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