Two Selective Service Board Positions Available in Walker County

The U.S. Selective Service needs to fill two Selective Service Board vacancies in Walker County.

Being a board member essentially allows local residents to represent the young men of the community and have a say in the bigger process. Additionally, the board is completely compromised of volunteers, as the board members must not be seen as paid federal employees, thus alleviating any question of draft motivations against residents of the county, on behalf of the federal government itself.

In peacetime, being a member of the board requires very little of one’s free time, and members can serve for up to 20 years if they wish, but are not required to, as this is voluntary in nature.

Prior to COVID, the board only met one day a year for training. A new board member would take an initial 5-hour online training course and then a 2-hour annual refresher training course thereafter. The initial 5-hour training does not need to be done all at once and is self-paced for convenience. In the unlikely event of a draft, the member would report to a board within the county to adjudicate claims of county residents who are drafted and object to military service. These claims range from contentious objection to seminary students to single parents, etc.

These are the requirements to serve:

  • 18 years of age or older (We have no maximum age for board members and encourage ALL ages to apply)
  • Have registered themselves for the Selective Service, if they are male
  • United States Citizen (Male or Female)
  • No criminal history
  • Not a current law enforcement or court’s employee (These fine people are responsible for enforcing the draft)
  • Prior military service is NOT required. We do however accept and encourage prior service veterans to apply (Prior Service refers to those who served less than twenty years and who did not retire from the military or are collecting a military pension)
  • Cannot be Active Duty, Active Reserve Component, or Retired Military collecting a military pension (These are great and patriotic people but federal law exempts this)

This is a Governor appointed position and Gov. Brian P. Kemp appoints each member to the board personally.

If you are interested in serving the community in this capacity, contact Lieutenant Colonel Todd Jolly, U.S. Air Force via email at or call 719-439-1410.

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