Walker County Animal Shelter Resumes Intake By Appointment Only

Chickamauga, GA – The Walker County Animal Shelter will resume intake of owner surrender and stray animals in August by appointment only.  Residents must call ahead at 706-375-2100 and schedule a date/time to drop off unwanted dogs and cats.

“We’re asking residents to call and schedule an appointment, so we can balance the load and keep our staff from being overwhelmed,” said Commissioner Shannon Whitfield.  “The shelter was not designed to hold an infinite number of dogs and cats.  We need to manage intake with capacity, so that the shelter doesn’t become overcrowded again.”

Walker County temporarily suspended intake in late June when the shelter population reached 122 animals.  Currently, there are 59 dogs and cats housed at the shelter.

The reduction in population provided an opportunity for maintenance staff to make repairs at the shelter, perform needed maintenance and make several upgrades.


The shelter also begins August with the appointment of Emily Sadler as manager, a new logo and a community organized supply drive to restock the shelter, after reserves diminished following the increase in intake at the start of summer.

Community volunteer Charity Lewis coordinated the Saturday, August 3rd event.  Donation needs include dog and cat food, treats, litter, unscented baby wipes, Clorox wipes, paper towels and other items.  The Pause 4 Paws supply drive will be held from Noon until 6:00 p.m. in front of Walmart, 2625 Highway 27 in LaFayette.  For additional information or to volunteer, contact Lewis at 423-827-4093.

Animal Shelter Lands New Manager

Stephanie McTaggart Promoted to Animal Shelter Manager

CHICKAMAUGA, GA – Stephanie McTaggart took over management duties at the Walker County Animal Shelter and Adoption Center this morning. Her promotion was announced during a Shelter staff meeting.

McTaggart will be tasked with overseeing day to day operations, carrying out projects to improve animal adoptions and spay/neuter in the community, reduce euthanasia and coordinate with cities on intake agreements.

In 2015, McTaggart joined the Shelter staff as a Rescue Coordinator, working with animal rescue groups to place dogs and cats in good homes. In 2017, her efforts helped save 825 animals, a 25% increase over the prior year. She will continue do perform this function in her new position.

McTaggart plans to make the Walker County Animal Shelter & Adoption Center more visible to the public in 2018 by holding adoption events out in the community. She also wants to improve volunteer opportunities through a new service program. An additional focus will be to enhance access online to lost/found and adoptable animals.