Overnight Work Planned on Nickajack Road

Lookout Mountain, GA – A state contractor will be working overnight this week making safety improvements to Nickajack Road.  Crews will be installing a high friction surface treatment on the road from 7:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.

The surface treatment work will take six to eight days to complete.  Later this month, the contractor will return to install reflective thermoplastic striping and signage.

Motorists traveling this area should plan for delays.  While traffic will be impacted during this construction work, one lane will remain open for travel.

Walker County patched, leveled and resurfaced Nickajack Road last October in preparation for these safety improvements.


How Walker Works – Fireworks Safety

Chickamauga, GA – Many Americans celebrate Independence Day with a parade, picnic or BBQ and of course, fireworks.  “It’s enjoyable, but they are dangerous. They can hurt and they have hurt so just be very cautious when you do fireworks,” says Walker County Fire Inspector Jeff Roerdink.

Fireworks were involved in over 9,000 injuries that required a hospital visit in 2018, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission

Roerdink offers a few recommendations to keep you from becoming a statistic this Fourth of July.  “If you have a firework, don’t hold on to that firework.  That firework is considered an explosive and it can remove fingers and cause all sorts of damage.  Be smart with what you are going to do with these fireworks.  Don’t shoot them at each other.”

Here are a few other safety tips:

  • Shoot fireworks off from a solid surface, like a concrete pad, so they won’t fall over
  • Never try to relight a dud
  • Keep a bucket of water close by to douse spent fireworks
  • Think twice before letting small children hold sparklers, which burn hot enough to cause third degree burns

On the subject of sparklers, Roerdink has some additional perspective.  “To put it into perspective, wood generally burns at 300 to 400 degrees fahrenheit, so a sparkler is 1200 degrees fahrenheit, that temperature is enough temperature to actually burn some metals.”

Roerdink says the best way to take part in a fireworks display is as a viewer… letting professionally trained pyrotechnicians handle the show.  “I just want to make sure everybody has a safe and happy Fourth of July from Walker County Fire Rescue.”



Nick-A-Jack Road to be Closed for Maintenance June 4th – 8th

Lookout Mountain, GA – Walker County residents who travel Nick-A-Jack Road as part of their daily commute will need to find an alternate route next week. The road will be closed from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily from Monday June 4th through Friday June 8th for road maintenance.

Walker County Public Works crews will be working to correct a mudslide that occurred near the roadway several years ago. The dirt and rock have blocked the natural flow of water off Lookout Mountain leading to excess water on the road when it rains.

After crews correct the slide spot, they will rebuild the shoulders along Nick-A-Jack Road.

These two maintenance projects to improve the safety of the road must be complete before Nick-A-Jack Road can be repaved in the future.