Second Retire Your Tires Amnesty Day Outperforms Original Event

Chickamauga, GA – Hundreds of Walker County residents took advantage of an opportunity to dispose of old, unwanted tires for free Saturday at the Walker County Landfill.

The county hosted its second Retire Your Tires Amnesty Day. Residents brought 6,741 tires to the landfill during the seven hour event, including 106 tires from a satellite drop off site in Rossville.

6,741 bests the county’s original goal of collecting 5,500 tires. Last fall, the community cleaned up 5,543 tires during Walker County’s first tire amnesty event. The tires will be sent to an approved recycling center and turned into industrial fuel or rubber mulch for landscaping and playground applications.

Along with cleaning up the community, the county hopes this event will help eliminate mosquito breeding sites and cut down on the mosquito population this summer.

Walker County Landfill Offers Free Recycling Day on December 26th

Chickamauga, GA – A “Free Recycling Day” will be offered on Tuesday, December 26th at the Walker County Landfill, 5120 N Marble Top Road, Chickamauga.

Residents are encouraged to bring recyclable Christmas related trash, such as wrapping paper, cardboard boxes and greeting cards, to the Landfill between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Other reusable material, including cans, paper milk/juice cartons and some plastics, will also be accepted. A list of materials that can be recycled can be found here.

Walker County provides free recycling year-round at the landfill for a limited number of materials. During the “Free Recycling Day,” additional recycling bins and staff will be available. Residents with questions about whether a particular material can be recycled should contact the Landfill at 706-375-8910.

In observance of the holidays, the Landfill will be closed on Saturday, December 23rd; Monday, December 25th; and Monday, January 1st.