How Walker Works – Walker County Landfill


Along with household garbage and waste from construction and demolition sites, the Walker County Landfill accepts brush, tires, paper/plastic and other recyclable materials and metals.

Landfill Manager Paine Gily explained, “When they come to the scalehouse our scalehouse operators are going to ask the customer what are you bringing in? What do you have that you would like to dispose? And then based on what they tell our scalehouse operator, they will route them to the proper disposal area. And it’s just important that we not mix waste streams.”

Proper separation protects human health and the environment, and keeps materials that can be reused from taking up space in the landfill. It’s also necessary because some of the material brought to the landfill no longer stays on site.  Gily said, “At the transfer station, we will take the household waste and that’s food containers, food scraps, anything for consumption that has been thrown away… food wrappings, bottles, that type of thing. The type of stuff that you would generate in your kitchen or bathroom or living room and set out on the curb for the waste disposal service to pick up. We load that into tractor trailers and then those tractor trailers are taken to a large municipal solid waste landfill in north Alabama.”

The Walker County Landfill stopped storing household waste on site in 1998, but continues to isolate construction and demolition materials at this location. “And that involves bricks, wood, wall board, tile, ceramics, things like that,” added Gily.

And because it’s the law, residents are reminded to make sure items being brought to the landfill are property secured during transport. “Please tarp your loads, so that waste doesn’t blow off onto the roadsides on the way to the landfill,” urged Gily.

The Walker County Landfill is located at 5120 North Marble Top Road, near the Animal Shelter.  It’s open 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday, except on major holidays. Cash, check, debit and credit cards are accepted as forms of payment.

Request for Proposal released for Construction & Demolition Waste Disposal at Walker County Landfill

LaFayette – Walker County Government (WCG) will receive proposals to haul/dispose of Construction and Demolition Waste from the Walker County Landfill facility to a permitted and regulatory compliant disposal facility.

The Request for Proposal may be obtained from the following locations:

    • WCG Commissioner’s Office
      101 South Duke Street
      LaFayette, Georgia
    • WCG website
    • Walker County Landfill
      5120 North Marble Top Road
      Chickamauga, GA

Proposal packages are due at the Commissioner’s Office by Noon on March 21, 2018. Specifications and additional guidelines can be found in the Request for Proposal (RFP).

Walker County Landfill Offers Free Recycling Day on December 26th

Chickamauga, GA – A “Free Recycling Day” will be offered on Tuesday, December 26th at the Walker County Landfill, 5120 N Marble Top Road, Chickamauga.

Residents are encouraged to bring recyclable Christmas related trash, such as wrapping paper, cardboard boxes and greeting cards, to the Landfill between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Other reusable material, including cans, paper milk/juice cartons and some plastics, will also be accepted. A list of materials that can be recycled can be found here.

Walker County provides free recycling year-round at the landfill for a limited number of materials. During the “Free Recycling Day,” additional recycling bins and staff will be available. Residents with questions about whether a particular material can be recycled should contact the Landfill at 706-375-8910.

In observance of the holidays, the Landfill will be closed on Saturday, December 23rd; Monday, December 25th; and Monday, January 1st.