Walker County Schools Integrates “Incident Management System” with E-911 Center to Create A Safer Learning Environment

LaFayette, GA – Walker County Schools will conduct a lockdown drill during Fall Break to review the integration of new technology designed to enhance student safety and improve response times for law enforcement dispatched to schools.

The drill will take place at Saddle Ridge Elementary / Middle School during a teacher’s in-service day on October 15th.  Staff from all county schools, the Walker County Sheriff’s Office, Walker County Emergency Management and E-911 Center will be part of the exercise.

Walker County Schools recently invested state school safety funds to enhance its Incident Management System.  The improvements will result in Walker County becoming the first school system in the state to fully integrate dynamic mapping of each school, push button intercom notifications and closed circuit cameras with the county’s E-911 Center.

In the event of a crisis on a school campus, E-911 dispatchers will be instantly alerted when a lockdown occurs.  Dispatcher will then be able to access real-time information at the school to relay accurate, firsthand visuals to officers.  This will save emergency responders valuable time, while also letting them know what kind of situation they are walking into.

Walker County Schools partnered with South Western Communications on the technological enhancements to the school system’s Incident Management System.

How Walker Works – Taxing Authorities

LaFayette, GA – Local governments rely on property taxes to provide a substantial portion of the funds necessary to offer services that enhance the quality of life and safety of its citizens.

Every year, property owners receive a bill in the mail spelling out their total taxes due.  The amount differs based on where you live, due to the number of taxing authorities in each community and the funds each entity needs to operate.

In Walker County, there are eight main taxing authorities:

-Chickamauga City Schools
-City of Chickamauga
-City of Fort Oglethorpe 
-City of LaFayette
-City of Lookout Mountain
-City of Rossville
-Walker County Board of Education
-Walker County Government

A Downtown Development Authority also has taxing authority.

In Georgia, each taxing authority has the ability to raise or lower taxes on its own, without approval from any other authority.  For example, school systems — which make up the majority of taxes owed in most communities — do not need the approval of a city council or county commission, in order to set their portion of the millage rate. 

So, what do you get for your property taxes?  Schools use these funds to put teachers in every classroom… and pay for things like technology, supplies and buildings.  Cities and Counties use property taxes to fund law enforcement and courts, animal control, land use planning and zoning, fire protection, road and stormwater maintenance, code enforcement, transit and library and health department operations, among other services. 

Not every citizen will use every service available… but the combined offerings help build a community we can be proud to call home.